Reasons for Removing your Tree Stumps

Trees are precious to us and for the environment. However, there are certain cases that we should remove a tree because it is posing a danger to people and other trees. An example of these certain cases is when a tree is dead, it is no longer solid and strong; it can accidentally fall off on a person. Another case is when the tree is sick and dying, it may contain a disease that can affect the surrounding trees.

When these situations arise, it is smarter to fell off a tree and be done with it. The problem with cutting a tree down is that it leaves a tree stump. A tree stump is the remaining lower portion of the tree; it also has roots deep down, so it isn’t easy to remove. There are, however, several ways to remove it like stump grinding and the use of chemicals to kill it off.

With this said, you have to decide if you will keep it or remove it as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should remove tree stumps.

Tree Stumps

1. Tree Stumps is not pretty to look at

Tree Stumps are signs that there was once a magnificent tree standing on that ground, and this remaining portion is a reminder that the tree is now dead. If the tree stumps are in your lawn, it is not aesthetically appealing because it is inconsistent with the field.

2. Tree Stumps can be Hazardous

Tree stumps can be hazardous for your household, especially if you have children. Children sometimes play carelessly, and they might forget about the tree stump, and they can trip because of it. People like your neighbors, who are unfamiliar with your place can also trip over it. Avoid inconveniences and paying money for damages that can be prevented in the first place.

3. Tree Stumps can cause growth of new trees

You have decided to cut off your tree, didn’t you? So don’t leave a tree stump on its own because it can be a source of new sprouts of trees. These trees can consume water and nutrients around its area, living little for the plants around it.

4. Tree Stumps cause inconvenience

Tree Stumps get in the way and cause inconvenience on your part. Especially if the tree and the stump are large and wide, you will have to maneuver around it every time you have to pass the area. Remove this nuisance and inconvenience because it no longer has a use.

5. Tree Stumps Take Space

Real estate is very precious and expensive nowadays. And you wouldn’t want tree stumps taking space, especially if you only have a limited area. Remove the tree stumps and utilize the space for other purposes like an outside table or flowerbed.

6. Insects get attracted to Tree Stumps

If tree stumps don’t grow other sprouts of trees, they slowly decay away. This decay attracts several types of insects like ants, termites, and beetles. They are tiny and seem harmless, but they are destructive and have the capacity to migrate to your home.